No, Google isn’t planning to reveal your search history to recruiters

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how to stop the spread of “fake news” with news consumers encouraged to investigate the integrity of stories by examining their sources before sharing them social media.

But you have to wonder if there’s much hope when you have outlets like Channel Ten’s The Project getting sucked in.

On Monday, April 18, The Project shared this story (in turn a rewrite of an article published by the UK’s Sun newspaper, which is also owned by Rupert Murdoch) on their Facebook page. The article warns viewers about a new Google recruitment site threatening to reveal users’ search history to potential employers. The Project also mentioned it on the show that night.

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Journalists and human rights observer attacked in crackdown on peaceful protests

Note: This is all taken from Twitter reports from the scene. For more breaking news, analysis and commentary follow Will Jackson.

A human rights observer and journalists were tasered by electric prod, baton and slingshot wielding “thugs” overnight as police smashed a peaceful hunger strike protest at Phnom Penh’s Wat Phnom . Continue reading “Journalists and human rights observer attacked in crackdown on peaceful protests”

QnA with Hun Sen’s Eye

Trippin' Like a Moose. Credit: Hun Sen's Eye
Trippin’ Like a Moose. Credit: Hun Sen’s Eye

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen may not be well known for his sense of humour, but his one remaining eye is undoubtedly funny as a clown in a box full of a scorpions. Since 2011, Hun Sen’s Eye’s Twitter feed (and later Tumblr) — poking fun at Cambodia’s opposition, riffing on his sons’ rampant libidos or joking about land-grabbingtorture  and Johnny Walker— has given some much-needed levity to the running social media commentary on Cambodian politics, society and events. After recently topping 2000 Twitter followers, the eye was good enough to answer a few quick questions via email, delving a little deeper than 140 character tweets and picture memes usually allow.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. When did you become sentient? What’s day-to-day life like for Hun Sen?

I can’t really pin a date on it. A couple of years ago I noticed that everybody and their fucking cow liked to talk about the artificial eye with whom I share a skull, and it pissed me off! Why should that eye get all the press, all the fame, all the attention? Luckily, social media was there for me, starting with MySpace. LOL MySpace. It’s the Funcinpec of social media.

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Khmer Rouge Tribunal limping on without Cambodian staff

Note: Before I could get this article published the UN went and decided to loan the Cambodian government enough cash to pay the outstanding salaries owed to the court’s Cambodian workers so I figured I might as well put it up here. A press release about the loan can be found here.

Cambodia’s troubled Khmer Rouge tribunal is managing to limp toward a verdict in the first “mini trial” of “brother number two” Nuon Chea and head of state Khieu Samphan, despite ongoing strike action by 134 of the court’s operational staff.

Even as the deadline for final submissions in Case 002/01 is pushed back again to September 26, the court is marshalling its remaining resources to keep work underway.

But questions remain as to how long it can continue without the Cambodian audio/visual, IT, legal support, cleaning and security staff, translators and interpreters who are refusing to come to work.

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Post-election protest social/traditional media mashup timeline

Military Police face off with protesters during three days of post-election protests in Phnom Penh. Credit: Will Jackson
Military Police face off with protesters during three days of post-election protests in Phnom Penh. Credit: Will Jackson

Note: This is intended to be an organic document. Any corrections or suggestions for additional material – videos, pictures, articles – are welcome. It’s also a bit of an experiment. Please let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom.


It could have been any Sunday morning in Phnom Penh. Motodops hustled, food cart vendors hawked, homeless kids scrounged, women cooked and gossiped, men gambled and gossiped. The sun was out but there was a storm on the way. Standard. There was just the small matter of the razor wire everywhere. And the soldiers.

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Cambodian elections blood-free… so far

Hun Sen at the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2010.
Hun Sen at the World Economic Forum on East Asia 2010. Copyright World Economic Forum/Sikarin Thanachaiary.

Cambodia will go to the polls on Sunday after what looks like being the most peaceful and relatively straightforward election campaign the troubled Southeast Asian nation has ever seen. But by no means is this a sign the country’s “strongman” Prime Minister Hun Sen is relaxing his grip on power. Quite the opposite.

Ruthless and wily, Hun Sen is a classic – almost Bond-esque – villain. A former Khmer Rouge commander who lost his left eye to shrapnel during the battle for Phnom Penh in 1975, he defected to Vietnam two years later when it looked like he might become a victim of the genocidal regime’s murderous paranoia – then marched back in with the Vietnamese as they booted Pol Pot out of the capital in 1979. He was installed by the Vietnamese as prime minister in 1985 and has ruled the country with a lock-jaw grip on power ever since.

Now nearly 30 years later and Asia’s longest-surviving prime minister, Hun Sen remains happily ensconced in his multi-million-dollar mansion, complete with a helipad on the roof and located on the most prominent corner in Phnom Penh, and says he is determined to remain in situ for at least another decade or so. For the good of the country.

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